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Episode 13: The PAXtastic PAXcast! (2012 Edition)

Episode 13: The PAXtastic PAXcast! (2012 Edition)

In this episode, Jet Wolf and Ultrace go deep into the jungles of PAX Prime, braving a land of endless lines and bottomless smells. Never let it be said that we don’t love you.

  • Our first segment, recorded about five hours into the first day of PAX, and already we’re bitching about lines. We were so young. We skimmed the Expo Hall and bring all the “oh hey, look at that” action right to you! Mike talks about his crushing defeat in the Dominion tournament, and I promise that this is not the last you’ll hear of it.
    [00:00:36 – 00:14:20]
  • Technically Day 2, but first we talk about the rest of Day 1. The Adventures, now with bonus time travel! We test drove a ton of indy games (okay like twelve) and tell you all about them because that’s probably at least part of the reason you’re listening to this. The PAX 10, there is some awesome to be had here. Borderlands 2 disappoints us terribly in that we never get the chance to touch it, and this is but the first of many Borderlands-themed disappointments ahead.
    [00:14:28 – 01:05:15]
  • Having completely failed to calculate in the fact that we’d be out of our hotel room by Sunday morning, the remainder of the podcast comes to you LIVE from OUR HOME and about A WEEK LATER. This is the kind of cutting-edge hard-hitting procrastination you’ve come to expect from The Adventures of Jet Wolf & Ultrace. We finish up Day 2 and plunge headlong into Day 3, where we demo/watched as many games as our bleary eyes could handle. Even all these days later, some of them have us ridiculously excited.
    [01:05:22 – 01:54:14]
  • The Final Round, in keeping with our theme, is about PAX. We both get kinda nitpicky, then spend the rest of the time talking about PopCap’s Wallnut hat. Because seriously guys, this Wallnut Hat. Oh my god.
    [01:54:22 – 02:01:26]

Runtime: 2:01:41
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Episode 12: And Michael Phelps Would Win That, Too

Episode 12: And Michael Phelps Would Win That, Too

We emerge from our post-Olympic haze and try to make sense of a world without rings and medals and triumphant fanfare. Jet Wolf may never love again.

  • Around here it was the 2012 London Olympics all day every day, so we’ve got to deal with those feels first. We discuss our general thoughts about the games, specific hates about NBC, the American culture clash, and just what was up with those Opening Ceremonies anyway?
    [00:00:36 – 00:33:24]
  • Other games are also happening! It’s another look at What We’re Playing. Nikki enthuses about Assassin’s Creed 2 and Defense Grid while Mike talks up Beat Hazard and Scott Pilgrim. Then there’s that Skyrim disdain that takes us both by surprise. Also, PAX is coming! Holy crap!
    [00:33:32 – 01:04:18]
  • Is the Green Goblin Spidey’s archvillain?, Nikki wonders aloud. This leads us on a discussion about what makes a great archvillain and if it’s possible to have one years after the hero’s introduction.
    [01:04:26 – 01:17:05]
  • The Final Round, in which we wind up talking about Rock Band and Harmonix for six minutes.
    [01:17:13 – 01:25:33]

Runtime: 1:25:49
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Episode 6: And Darkseid Goes “Meow”

Episode 6: And Darkseid Goes 'Meow'

Armed with a brand new microphone and recording setup, Jet Wolf & Ultrace are ready for the big time! The big time of slighty different recording qualities and forgetting that the new mic is probably sensitive enough to pick up the dog collar jingling. It’s a constantly ongoing learning experience and you’re invited.

  • A brief update on what we’ve been up to somehow swings around to a discussion about Super Friends. Did you know that it’s kind of a cheesy cartoon? Because spoiler warning. Could Lex Luthor become Wonder Woman? The answer is a surprising YES. Bonus trivia: Is it true that STTNG ripped off Super Friends? The answer is a surprising YES.
  • PAX 2012 is coming, but if you didn’t get tickets within those first few hours you’re probably already screwed. As one of the happy not-screwed, we discuss what we’re expecting (turns out we have no idea) and how we’re probably never, ever going to get to a panel that isn’t hosted by Harmonix.
  • Jet Wolf loves scary stuff, but only in her own excruciatingly specific way. She and Ultrace talk about creep-out triggers (there are several and they are strong), ARGs and the Slender Man, numbers stations, and horror video games that she absolutely cannot play such as Silent Hill, Alan Wake, Amnesia and Bioshock. (YES, BIOSHOCK, SHUT UP.) [And here’s the promised link to that Amnesia video we talk about. Seriously, watch it; it’s both terrifying and hilarious.]
  • The Final Round. A surprisingly smooth but ultimately evil set of questions.

Runtime: 0:49:14
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