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Episode 16: The Genosha of Candy

Episode 16: The Genosha of Candy

Halloween is here! Nobody really cares.

  • Candy and bad horror movies are really what we’re all about at this time of year. Just how glorious are cheesy 80s horror movie titles? Pretty damned glorious. Also did you know that candy has a hive mind and plots against you? You’re welcome.
    [00:00:36 – 00:12:26]
  • This week’s big bombshell was Disney’s acquisition of LucasArts. We talk about concerns (and the potential lack thereof), the future of the Star Wars franchise, and Nikki says something so heretical that you can actually hear Mike trying to burn her alive with his mind.
    [00:12:32 – 00:29:59]
  • Also hitting the rumour mill is Mass Effect 4, and all the many things we don’t know about it which have in no way stopped people from gnashing their teeth and crying to the heavens. It won’t have Shepard though, and we’re kind of fine with that.
    [00:30:06 – 00:38:32]
  • Mike goes for the jugular in this week’s Final Round. Nikki may never recover.
    [00:38:38 – 00:50:52]

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Episode 5: Dick Clark, Nature’s Own Cyborg

Episode 5: Dick Clark, Nature's Own Cyborg

In this episode we run the gamut from cutting edge current events to a segment we recorded weeks ago, mashing it all together and hoping you don’t notice. Also we implant into your brain the image of a rapping holographic Abe Lincoln. Really, you should be paying us for this stuff.

  • Dick Clark has passed, but he leaves us with a lifetime of memories and, we hope, the gateway to an exciting new world of Hollywood abusing dead celebrities for its own gain. I mean, can Dick Clark truly die? And should we allow this to happen if technology can save us?
  • The Avengers are coming. Jet Wolf has a happy little bitch about Avengers vs. X-Men (why does no one think of Rachel Summers??) Then we get excited about the upcoming movie for a second before starting to complain about that too. There’s a lot of complaining in this segment is what I’m saying. Also, Hank Pym is a jerk.
  • Jet Wolf finishes Mass Effect 3 and she talks about it a bit with Ultrace, who hasn’t. This is a spoiler-free discussion about the general nature of the ending, why it maybe wasn’t what people were expecting, and what the future may (or may not) hold.
  • The Final Round, where Ultrace poses the hardest question anyone has ever had to answer.

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Episode 4: Surprise! Jedis Kinda Suck.

Episode 4: Surprise! Jedis Kinda Suck.

Despite seeing each other every single day, Jet Wolf & Ultrace somehow manage to enthuse over a dozen different topics this week. It’s one long geeky chat and YOU’RE INVITED. Not to the actual chat. That happened already. But to listen to the past. And pretend. BYOB.

Among (many) other things we discuss:

  • The triumphant (kinda?) return of Community.
  • Spider-Man, the state of the X-Men, Daredevil and how Mike will fight Mark Waid to the death.
  • We’ve just started playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, and what begins as a discussion about its place in the world of MMOs somehow becomes Nikki talking about how much she hates Jedi.
  • Wasteland 2 is coming and Mike is stoked. He tells you why you should be too, and then Nikki gets all cynical about Kickstarter because of course she does.
  • The Final Round, where a statement is made that I guarantee you never, ever expected anyone to utter.

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Episode 3: This Is My Favourite Podcast On The Citadel

Episode 3: This Is My Favourite Podcast On The Citadel

Mass Effect 3 is out, and we are excited, excited people. This week we can do little more than have an enthusiastic conversation about it, thus ostracizing that portion of our listening base that doesn’t actually care about video games. Yes, amazingly those people exist and they listen. I’d like to see the Venn diagram on that one.

  • Mass Effect 3 is the topic du jour, and we touch on our feelings about ME3 specifically, new features in the game, the series as a whole, what sets it apart from other role-playing games, how it could change the face of the RPG genre, and the awesomeness of Commander Shepard. We keep it spoiler-free, so listen without fear.
  • The Final Round. We keep to our theme, yet Ultrace is still somehow totally unprepared.

Runtime: 1:20:25
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