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Episode 10: We Don’t Have Much to Say (A 90 Minute Podcast)

Episode 10: We Don't Have Much to Say (A 90 Minute Podcast)

It’s our first Listener’s Choice show! All the topics were suggested by YOU, the Listener, so you’ve only yourselves to blame. This was done entirely in the spirit of audience participation and not at all because we have no idea what’s going on out there.

  • Once again Marvel is pissing us off, and despite claims of not going into it, Jet Wolf still somehow manages to not shut up. Turns out we both really hate Avengers vs. X-Men, but become oddly apathetic to the latest round of cancellations. We talk about characters and how to completely ignore them, how much Nikki loves Mike Carey, and even a bit about the speculator market which must still be out there ruining it for the rest of us.
    [00:00:38 – 00:37:18]
  • Sailor Moon is returning! How do we feel about that? Mostly just passingly curious, but then the conversation turns to the anime we used to love and enthusiasm heightens. Bubblegum Crisis? You’ll be surprised/horrified by what Mike would do to get the series on blu-ray.
    [00:37:26 – 00:56:30]
  • Someone wanted to know who our favourite classic wrestlers were, and Nikki answers but with no small amount of shame. We quickly move to something much more interesting: exactly how incredibly awesome was Macho Man Randy Savage? ANSWER: So incredibly fucking awesome. HE’S STILL GOT THIS.
    [00:56:37 – 01:15:34]
  • The Final Round, where we go off on a tangent about Disney shorts vs. Warner Brothers shorts, and Mike is reduced to tears. Always the mark of a successful segment.
    [01:15:41 – 01:32:00]

Runtime: 1:32:16
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Episode 8: Kind of a Douchebag

Episode 8: Kind of a Douchebag

This is the week of Horrible People. Upon listening to this, congratulations, for you too become A Horrible Person. It’s like a gift with purchase.

  • What begins as a conversation about Cards Against Humanity turns into a venting session about 38 Studios, and finally the inflated entitlement of gamers that helped get us into this mess in the first place. But mostly what you should take away is that Curt Schilling is a very bad man.
  • Community has finished out its third season, however that triumph was quickly deflated by the news of Dan Harmon’s firing. But who are we really upset with? The answer may surprise you.
  • The Final Round brings easy answers but a pleasant little segue that ultimately involves midgets. So there’s that.

Runtime: 0:57:09
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