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Episode 14: It’s Not Me, It’s My Evil Hand

Episode 14: It's Not Me, It's My Evil Hand

Only too aware that absolutely nothing is going to get done the moment Borderlands 2 goes into our Xbox, Jet Wolf and Ultrace put your needs first and record our next podcast. Given the end result, it may not have been our wisest idea.

  • How are we passing the time before Borderlands 2 Day? A hell of a lot of Rock Band Blitz, to start. Several people have asked if they should get the game, and we spend some time justifying our inevitable “YES WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??” PS: Harmonix is having having an insane sale (over a thousand songs at 50% off WUT) and here’s the link I promised about that. We chat up Project Eternity, the new Kickstarter from the attractive people at Obsidian. Borderlands 2 is going to interrupt Mike’s FTL, but he kind of loves it anyway. Then we go off on a total tangent and Nikki squees openly and unashamedly about the new Ben Folds Five Fraggle video. Did you know Mike has no idea what Gangnam Style is? We fix that. Mike is speechless.
    [00:00:36 – 00:22:09]
  • Screw it, we’re talking about Borderlands 2 anyway. Who are we going to play first? Nikki is actually kind of ignorant about the BL2 classes, and Mike seizes this opportunity to know more than anybody else in the room. We discuss ways to improve Brick that will never come to pass and dreams are crushed. Then we argue about candy.
    [00:22:17 – 00:34:23]
  • As has been the case since we first met, when uncertain of what else to talk about we turn to comics. Avengers vs. X-Men is almost over, but it leaves a trail of blood, hate and tears behind. Nikki stopped reading months ago but Mike has plodded onward like a brave soldier long abandoned by his unit. He must share his pain. Nikki is speechless. [WARNING: Contains big honking AvX spoilers, but honestly, spare yourself the time and money.]
    [00:34:31 – 00:52:13]
  • It’s The Final Round, and while neither question is overly difficult, both elicit discussion! It’s like the segment is working as intended! Amazing!
    [00:52:20 – 01:00:57]

Runtime: 1:01:13
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Episode 13: The PAXtastic PAXcast! (2012 Edition)

Episode 13: The PAXtastic PAXcast! (2012 Edition)

In this episode, Jet Wolf and Ultrace go deep into the jungles of PAX Prime, braving a land of endless lines and bottomless smells. Never let it be said that we don’t love you.

  • Our first segment, recorded about five hours into the first day of PAX, and already we’re bitching about lines. We were so young. We skimmed the Expo Hall and bring all the “oh hey, look at that” action right to you! Mike talks about his crushing defeat in the Dominion tournament, and I promise that this is not the last you’ll hear of it.
    [00:00:36 – 00:14:20]
  • Technically Day 2, but first we talk about the rest of Day 1. The Adventures, now with bonus time travel! We test drove a ton of indy games (okay like twelve) and tell you all about them because that’s probably at least part of the reason you’re listening to this. The PAX 10, there is some awesome to be had here. Borderlands 2 disappoints us terribly in that we never get the chance to touch it, and this is but the first of many Borderlands-themed disappointments ahead.
    [00:14:28 – 01:05:15]
  • Having completely failed to calculate in the fact that we’d be out of our hotel room by Sunday morning, the remainder of the podcast comes to you LIVE from OUR HOME and about A WEEK LATER. This is the kind of cutting-edge hard-hitting procrastination you’ve come to expect from The Adventures of Jet Wolf & Ultrace. We finish up Day 2 and plunge headlong into Day 3, where we demo/watched as many games as our bleary eyes could handle. Even all these days later, some of them have us ridiculously excited.
    [01:05:22 – 01:54:14]
  • The Final Round, in keeping with our theme, is about PAX. We both get kinda nitpicky, then spend the rest of the time talking about PopCap’s Wallnut hat. Because seriously guys, this Wallnut Hat. Oh my god.
    [01:54:22 – 02:01:26]

Runtime: 2:01:41
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Episode 9: Sick Romans and Crusty Jugglers

Episode 9: Sick Romans and Crusty Jugglers

This week is all about meth and misogyny. Fun times, fun times.

  • It’s been a bad week to be into video games and comic books and have a uterus. We’ve had to deal with the new Tomb Raider game “Press X To Not Be Raped”, the staggering hate surrounding the Tropes vs. Women in Video Games project [link], and the laugh-or-you’ll-cry cover to Catwoman #0 [link]. Jet Wolf has thoughts and feelings and she and ladybits are going to tell you all about them.
  • In keeping with tradition, we finished Breaking Bad about a year behind everyone else. With the fifth and final season around the corner, we talk about our impressions of last year’s finale and what we hope to see at the close of this dark and fascinating series. Mostly though Ultrace just really hates Walt. [Warning: spoilers for seasons 1-4 of Breaking Bad.]
  • The Final Round, in which Jet Wolf makes Ultrace cry.

Runtime: 1:12:01
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Episode 4: Surprise! Jedis Kinda Suck.

Episode 4: Surprise! Jedis Kinda Suck.

Despite seeing each other every single day, Jet Wolf & Ultrace somehow manage to enthuse over a dozen different topics this week. It’s one long geeky chat and YOU’RE INVITED. Not to the actual chat. That happened already. But to listen to the past. And pretend. BYOB.

Among (many) other things we discuss:

  • The triumphant (kinda?) return of Community.
  • Spider-Man, the state of the X-Men, Daredevil and how Mike will fight Mark Waid to the death.
  • We’ve just started playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, and what begins as a discussion about its place in the world of MMOs somehow becomes Nikki talking about how much she hates Jedi.
  • Wasteland 2 is coming and Mike is stoked. He tells you why you should be too, and then Nikki gets all cynical about Kickstarter because of course she does.
  • The Final Round, where a statement is made that I guarantee you never, ever expected anyone to utter.

Runtime: 1:10:50
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