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Episode 16: The Genosha of Candy

Episode 16: The Genosha of Candy

Halloween is here! Nobody really cares.

  • Candy and bad horror movies are really what we’re all about at this time of year. Just how glorious are cheesy 80s horror movie titles? Pretty damned glorious. Also did you know that candy has a hive mind and plots against you? You’re welcome.
    [00:00:36 – 00:12:26]
  • This week’s big bombshell was Disney’s acquisition of LucasArts. We talk about concerns (and the potential lack thereof), the future of the Star Wars franchise, and Nikki says something so heretical that you can actually hear Mike trying to burn her alive with his mind.
    [00:12:32 – 00:29:59]
  • Also hitting the rumour mill is Mass Effect 4, and all the many things we don’t know about it which have in no way stopped people from gnashing their teeth and crying to the heavens. It won’t have Shepard though, and we’re kind of fine with that.
    [00:30:06 – 00:38:32]
  • Mike goes for the jugular in this week’s Final Round. Nikki may never recover.
    [00:38:38 – 00:50:52]

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Episode 6b: Avengers Special, #1 Collector’s Edition!

Episode 6b: Avengers Special, #1 Collector's Edition!

When you’re comic book enthusiasts who’ve been up all day and go to the midnight release of a movie as lusted after as The Avengers, what else can you do but go home right after and podcast about it at 4 in the morning? I mean, that’s the natural human reaction. It’s in our DNA. You can’t change DNA.

  • This is Avengers, the whole Avengers, and nothing but Avengers. Ultrace thought it could’ve been Avengerier and Jet Wolf basically complains for half an hour then changes her mind about everything but maybe not. It was a confusing time. Sprinkled liberally with enthusiasm for awesome things.

Perhaps needless to say, this podcast is spoiler-heavy. Don’t listen unless you’ve seen the movie already as we are going to ruin the hell out of it for you.


Runtime: 1:00:30
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