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Episode 16: The Genosha of Candy

Episode 16: The Genosha of Candy

Halloween is here! Nobody really cares.

  • Candy and bad horror movies are really what we’re all about at this time of year. Just how glorious are cheesy 80s horror movie titles? Pretty damned glorious. Also did you know that candy has a hive mind and plots against you? You’re welcome.
    [00:00:36 – 00:12:26]
  • This week’s big bombshell was Disney’s acquisition of LucasArts. We talk about concerns (and the potential lack thereof), the future of the Star Wars franchise, and Nikki says something so heretical that you can actually hear Mike trying to burn her alive with his mind.
    [00:12:32 – 00:29:59]
  • Also hitting the rumour mill is Mass Effect 4, and all the many things we don’t know about it which have in no way stopped people from gnashing their teeth and crying to the heavens. It won’t have Shepard though, and we’re kind of fine with that.
    [00:30:06 – 00:38:32]
  • Mike goes for the jugular in this week’s Final Round. Nikki may never recover.
    [00:38:38 – 00:50:52]

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Episode 7: Won’t Somebody Please Hug Chris Traeger?

Episode 7: Won't Somebody Please Hug Chris Traeger?

This week we thought about going with a theme then completely failed to do so. It’s the first of many failures this week, but they’re not all ours. For shame, Walking Dead. For shame.

  • Television is back! Well actually no, it’s nearly summer and all TV is going away, but for us it’s like so totally back! New hardware has flicked a spark at the cold pilot light of our love and we’ve been going through TV shows like a demonic lawnmower grinding through the tall grass of overgrown souls. (That is quite possibly the strangest marriage of imagery I’ve ever written.) We talk about how mass consumption of TV seasons can alter your relationship to the show and how that applies to our recent marathon of The Walking Dead and the long-ago marathon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Plus we say goodbye for now to Parks & Rec, but it’s never far from our heart.
  • The Avengers has got Mike to thinking, and he has a burning question that can wait no longer: Could Wolverine beat the Hulk? A question this important requires no small amount of thought, and oh, the thought we give it. You will believe a couple can get into way too much detail about how to kill Wolverine.
  • The Final Round, where once again Mike makes a one-off comment that brings the entire thing to a screeching halt. Oh, Mike. (And yes I know we consistently say that one guy’s name wrong, I don’t wanna hear it.)

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