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Episode 15: Crazy With Their Wildness

Episode 15: Crazy With Their Wildness

Leaves are turning, and apparently so are our moods. This week finds Jet Wolf and Ultrace rooted in the past, and they wallow in the murky pools of nostalgia.

  • Borderlands 2, let’s go ahead and get that necessary chat out of the way. How are we liking it? Pretty darned well, though we have a few quibbles because of course we do.
    [00:00:34 – 00:10:45]
  • We’re soon to embark on a quest to rewatch all of Sailor Moon, and Jet Wolf is kind of totally looking forward to it. We reflect on our deep involvement with the fandom in the mid to late 90s and how, despite this, we remember practically nothing today. This brings us to a few other old favourites, and was Fushigi Yuugi really as dark as our memory says? Quite probably so. Also, Evangelion is shit. Maggie Smith, however, remains awesome.
    [00:10:53 – 00:25:53]
  • City of Heroes is dead (or will be soon), and although we haven’t played for years, we’re sad about it. The sadness is surprising. We trade memories (Super Jump whooo!), discuss our favourite and not-so favourite characters, the awesome community, and lament all the stuff we never got to do. It’s the feel-good segment of the week!
    [00:26:00 – 00:43:08]
  • Another lengthy Final Round, despite Mike totally cheating with his question. YES YOU DID.
    [00:43:14 – 00:58:42]

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Episode 14: It’s Not Me, It’s My Evil Hand

Episode 14: It's Not Me, It's My Evil Hand

Only too aware that absolutely nothing is going to get done the moment Borderlands 2 goes into our Xbox, Jet Wolf and Ultrace put your needs first and record our next podcast. Given the end result, it may not have been our wisest idea.

  • How are we passing the time before Borderlands 2 Day? A hell of a lot of Rock Band Blitz, to start. Several people have asked if they should get the game, and we spend some time justifying our inevitable “YES WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??” PS: Harmonix is having having an insane sale (over a thousand songs at 50% off WUT) and here’s the link I promised about that. We chat up Project Eternity, the new Kickstarter from the attractive people at Obsidian. Borderlands 2 is going to interrupt Mike’s FTL, but he kind of loves it anyway. Then we go off on a total tangent and Nikki squees openly and unashamedly about the new Ben Folds Five Fraggle video. Did you know Mike has no idea what Gangnam Style is? We fix that. Mike is speechless.
    [00:00:36 – 00:22:09]
  • Screw it, we’re talking about Borderlands 2 anyway. Who are we going to play first? Nikki is actually kind of ignorant about the BL2 classes, and Mike seizes this opportunity to know more than anybody else in the room. We discuss ways to improve Brick that will never come to pass and dreams are crushed. Then we argue about candy.
    [00:22:17 – 00:34:23]
  • As has been the case since we first met, when uncertain of what else to talk about we turn to comics. Avengers vs. X-Men is almost over, but it leaves a trail of blood, hate and tears behind. Nikki stopped reading months ago but Mike has plodded onward like a brave soldier long abandoned by his unit. He must share his pain. Nikki is speechless. [WARNING: Contains big honking AvX spoilers, but honestly, spare yourself the time and money.]
    [00:34:31 – 00:52:13]
  • It’s The Final Round, and while neither question is overly difficult, both elicit discussion! It’s like the segment is working as intended! Amazing!
    [00:52:20 – 01:00:57]

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