The Adventures of Jet Wolf and Ultrace features, amazingly, both a Jet Wolf and an Ultrace. Our goal is a simple one: to talk about the stuff cluttering up our mind. WARNING: We have a lot of stuff cluttering up our mind.

Jet Wolf and Ultrace’s first ever conversation was about the X-Men. Their first joint purchase was Street Fighter II for the SNES. It was that kind of solid foundation that led to them eventually giving up and just getting married already. Their love for comic books and video games has never waned, and although they almost split up once over Magic: The Gathering, they’re better now.

Jet Wolf is a writer who spends equal amounts of time creating horrific scenarios for imaginary people and cooing at cute puppy pictures. She loves the Internet in all its enraging glory, which makes her wonder why she’s waited so long to pull the trigger on this podcast thing. An avid comic book collector since her pre-teens, Jet Wolf adores the medium and will be happy to tell you exactly why at the slightest provocation. The X-Men are her One True Love, even when they piss her off (which is like a LOT). She plays all types of games and while she thinks there’s nothing quite like a thick juicy RPG, she won’t shy away from a good FPS either, so frag your stereotypes. Possessed of an equally passionate love for Buffy and Jem as she has for Star Trek and MST3K, Jet Wolf thinks she may well be the apotheosis of womankind, and she’s not just saying that because she never figured out how to use mascara. Jet Wolf has a blog where she talks too much and is @JetWolf on Twitter where she somehow manages to talk even more.

Ultrace works as an analyst for a bank, doing stuff with spreadsheets and VBA code which, when you think about it, really doesn’t have anything to do with anything here. He encountered his first video game, Gorf, in a bus stop somewhere between Florida and Kansas in 1981 and has been a gamer ever since. His video game favorites are role-playing games, beat-em-ups and shoot-em-ups, and he is an aficionado of classic video game music of all kinds. Although he’s been collecting comics for only twenty years, he’s followed the exploits of comic characters since being thrilled by Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. His many skills include the ability to have tea and no tea at the same time, the power to explain to anyone on the internet why they’re wrong, and an occasional dogged stubbornness when faced with logical reasons he disagrees with. Things he enjoys include gaming of just about any kind, fried foods, 1980’s wrestling, and walks by the beach. That last piece might have been made up to pad space. He does not eat cheese; this may or not ever be relevant. Ultrace has a blog where he pretty much talks exclusively about video games, and is @Ultrace_v1 on Twitter where he has occasionally been known to talk about something else.

All little Ultrace and Jet Wolf drawings by the phenomenal Amy Mebberson. You should go like everything she’s done, buy her things, and bring her beer.