Episode 6: And Darkseid Goes “Meow”

Episode 6: And Darkseid Goes 'Meow'

Armed with a brand new microphone and recording setup, Jet Wolf & Ultrace are ready for the big time! The big time of slighty different recording qualities and forgetting that the new mic is probably sensitive enough to pick up the dog collar jingling. It’s a constantly ongoing learning experience and you’re invited.

  • A brief update on what we’ve been up to somehow swings around to a discussion about Super Friends. Did you know that it’s kind of a cheesy cartoon? Because spoiler warning. Could Lex Luthor become Wonder Woman? The answer is a surprising YES. Bonus trivia: Is it true that STTNG ripped off Super Friends? The answer is a surprising YES.
  • PAX 2012 is coming, but if you didn’t get tickets within those first few hours you’re probably already screwed. As one of the happy not-screwed, we discuss what we’re expecting (turns out we have no idea) and how we’re probably never, ever going to get to a panel that isn’t hosted by Harmonix.
  • Jet Wolf loves scary stuff, but only in her own excruciatingly specific way. She and Ultrace talk about creep-out triggers (there are several and they are strong), ARGs and the Slender Man, numbers stations, and horror video games that she absolutely cannot play such as Silent Hill, Alan Wake, Amnesia and Bioshock. (YES, BIOSHOCK, SHUT UP.) [And here’s the promised link to that Amnesia video we talk about. Seriously, watch it; it’s both terrifying and hilarious.]
  • The Final Round. A surprisingly smooth but ultimately evil set of questions.

Runtime: 0:49:14
Direct download: advjwu06.mp3

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