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Episode 8: Kind of a Douchebag

Episode 8: Kind of a Douchebag

This is the week of Horrible People. Upon listening to this, congratulations, for you too become A Horrible Person. It’s like a gift with purchase.

  • What begins as a conversation about Cards Against Humanity turns into a venting session about 38 Studios, and finally the inflated entitlement of gamers that helped get us into this mess in the first place. But mostly what you should take away is that Curt Schilling is a very bad man.
  • Community has finished out its third season, however that triumph was quickly deflated by the news of Dan Harmon’s firing. But who are we really upset with? The answer may surprise you.
  • The Final Round brings easy answers but a pleasant little segue that ultimately involves midgets. So there’s that.

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Episode 7: Won’t Somebody Please Hug Chris Traeger?

Episode 7: Won't Somebody Please Hug Chris Traeger?

This week we thought about going with a theme then completely failed to do so. It’s the first of many failures this week, but they’re not all ours. For shame, Walking Dead. For shame.

  • Television is back! Well actually no, it’s nearly summer and all TV is going away, but for us it’s like so totally back! New hardware has flicked a spark at the cold pilot light of our love and we’ve been going through TV shows like a demonic lawnmower grinding through the tall grass of overgrown souls. (That is quite possibly the strangest marriage of imagery I’ve ever written.) We talk about how mass consumption of TV seasons can alter your relationship to the show and how that applies to our recent marathon of The Walking Dead and the long-ago marathon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Plus we say goodbye for now to Parks & Rec, but it’s never far from our heart.
  • The Avengers has got Mike to thinking, and he has a burning question that can wait no longer: Could Wolverine beat the Hulk? A question this important requires no small amount of thought, and oh, the thought we give it. You will believe a couple can get into way too much detail about how to kill Wolverine.
  • The Final Round, where once again Mike makes a one-off comment that brings the entire thing to a screeching halt. Oh, Mike. (And yes I know we consistently say that one guy’s name wrong, I don’t wanna hear it.)

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Episode 6b: Avengers Special, #1 Collector’s Edition!

Episode 6b: Avengers Special, #1 Collector's Edition!

When you’re comic book enthusiasts who’ve been up all day and go to the midnight release of a movie as lusted after as The Avengers, what else can you do but go home right after and podcast about it at 4 in the morning? I mean, that’s the natural human reaction. It’s in our DNA. You can’t change DNA.

  • This is Avengers, the whole Avengers, and nothing but Avengers. Ultrace thought it could’ve been Avengerier and Jet Wolf basically complains for half an hour then changes her mind about everything but maybe not. It was a confusing time. Sprinkled liberally with enthusiasm for awesome things.

Perhaps needless to say, this podcast is spoiler-heavy. Don’t listen unless you’ve seen the movie already as we are going to ruin the hell out of it for you.


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Episode 6: And Darkseid Goes “Meow”

Episode 6: And Darkseid Goes 'Meow'

Armed with a brand new microphone and recording setup, Jet Wolf & Ultrace are ready for the big time! The big time of slighty different recording qualities and forgetting that the new mic is probably sensitive enough to pick up the dog collar jingling. It’s a constantly ongoing learning experience and you’re invited.

  • A brief update on what we’ve been up to somehow swings around to a discussion about Super Friends. Did you know that it’s kind of a cheesy cartoon? Because spoiler warning. Could Lex Luthor become Wonder Woman? The answer is a surprising YES. Bonus trivia: Is it true that STTNG ripped off Super Friends? The answer is a surprising YES.
  • PAX 2012 is coming, but if you didn’t get tickets within those first few hours you’re probably already screwed. As one of the happy not-screwed, we discuss what we’re expecting (turns out we have no idea) and how we’re probably never, ever going to get to a panel that isn’t hosted by Harmonix.
  • Jet Wolf loves scary stuff, but only in her own excruciatingly specific way. She and Ultrace talk about creep-out triggers (there are several and they are strong), ARGs and the Slender Man, numbers stations, and horror video games that she absolutely cannot play such as Silent Hill, Alan Wake, Amnesia and Bioshock. (YES, BIOSHOCK, SHUT UP.) [And here’s the promised link to that Amnesia video we talk about. Seriously, watch it; it’s both terrifying and hilarious.]
  • The Final Round. A surprisingly smooth but ultimately evil set of questions.

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